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“The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty-first century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human”

John Naisbitt

For the Organisational culture to change there has to be committed support from the Leadership

To maximize people’s engagement and productivity in a knowledge, complex, unpredictable work environment leaders need to create opportunities that allow for autonomy, mastery and purpose. One key enabler to these workplaces is a change in the way we design the organisation: removing the control system imposed by the hierarchy. The system needs to be managed, not the person. The current hierarchical model is draining your organisation’s chances into the future.

A new way of designing organisations opens endless possibilities: creating a future that people embrace, a workplace that they love to be part of, a culture that clients admire and find value in. There is a new way of working.

Taylorism and a reductionist view of the world

For the last two centuries organisations have brought unprecedented progress for humanity. Advances in every aspect of our human history wouldn’t have been possible without organisations as a means for human collaboration. In the last twenty years, there has been a shift in the way humans produce value, from semi-skilled operational work that required management of task and role, to a knowledge based economy where knowledge is created and retained by a system of networking people, rather than individuals, where the system needs to be managed, but not the person.

A change in the way that value is created

By changing the focus points, where we move from “task completion” to “creation of value” and “meaning” we help organisations become more adaptive to respond to the high fluidity of the market from clients to business ecosystems and make them meaningful and abundant places for everyone involved.

The Goal

The goal is to re-design the Organisational System. We coach teams and leaders into changing the ways they work allowing for a new organisational system to emerge. We help people to work in accepting complexity and uncertainty to better deal with work in exploratory iterations that invite innovation through learning and experimenting. This is a cultural change more than an organisational restructure. By creating a culture that values contribution, commitment and community, we can shape networks of teams and individuals working in a syncronised manner. 

Creating a New Culture in your Organisation 

We coach to transition the current system of the organisation as an authority based hierarchy. This is done by realigning the distribution of power and decision making and redefining the relationships amongst leadership and employees. These changes drive cultural change and better use of knowledge all across the organisation. The focus is in what is important for cultural change; form closer bonds, trust others, take ownership and feel psychologically safe to learn, explore and create. 

From Pyramid to Network 

The deep, underlying, transformational change is in creating a new system in your organisation where people relate in a non-authoritarian manner. 95% of adults in the workplace are responsible, educated, resourceful, have good will and positive expectations for the companies they work for. They want to see them successful because they connect this success with their own personal growth. The current system, made to control the remaining 5% of the workforce is pushing everybody else into the chasm of apathy and soul weakness. This is because they want to be respected as individuals that are whole and capable but they are not given the despotism of the 20th century organisational model. We help you change the way your organisation is designed so that networks of high performance teams produce innovation and value to customers.

Research shows that the rate of staff and executive attrition are the highest in history, only one in five employees are engaged and committed to their work, and the forecasted lifespan of organisations based in hierarchical – authoritarian bureaucracy is just 15 years.

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