Value & Principle driven

“In TEAL, the ego becomes more of a variable, less of an absolute”

William Torbert

We thrive when delivering value to our customers

We are a Value and Principle driven organisation. That is, we live in the belief that we are here to delight our clients by becoming the catalysts for their organisational and team improvement initiatives.

We seek to serve organisations that understand the need for a co-creative partnership where we assume collective responsibility for the outcome. We work with companies and teams that are ready to consider, dream, challenge themselves, drive and learn for improvement.

Our work is customer centric and we prefer short term engagements using our “Coaching to Outcomes” approach to delivering high value, high impact goals in short term iterations.

Our Purpose

“Our purpose is to improve the world by helping organisations transform into better workplaces”

Our Principles

Our Principles speak of who we are, both individually and collectively. The rules for engagement that you see here shape our behaviours and decisions.

  • We respect people for their perspectives, beliefs and views of the world and bring these individually and collectively together for the better of our understanding of the world
  • We listen and learn from others and accept that our individual realities are always subjective
  • We create partnerships with our clients and continuously seek for feedback for our improvement and that of the service we provide
  • We have a duty of care with the environment and social responsibility and will find ways to help, participate and develop
  • We are co-responsible for achieving great outcomes and to delight our client
  • We seek for improvement, growth and ultimately evolution and for this we will use approaches into continuous improvement of self and our team


Sofia Woloschin

Sofia Woloschin

Director - Agile, Organisational Transformation & Executive Coach

My purpose is to take my piece of responsibility for the evolution of human consciousness that is underway. We can make the world a better place by becoming more conscious and aware, be more compassionate, open minded and "unfiltered". My hope is that I stick around like purposed people so that we build conscious communities together. I embrace diversity of all kinds importantly diversity of opinions and views of the world. I have spent 24 years working in IT the last 10 of which I've focused in learning about people's motivations and mindsets serving teams and groups develop good communities. I practice Agile, systems thinking and coaching as means to serve them in their journey.

Alan Evans

Alan Evans

Director - Enterprise Architecture and Business Modelling Advisory

I am an accomplished IT and consulting professional, with extensive experience working in three different continents and across diverse industry sectors such as banking and finance, health insurance, telecommunications, utilities, transport, electrical engineering, manufacturing and public service.