Just ‘our’ View of the World

The Business Ecosystem (part 1)

(With thanks to photographer @veeterzy for generously sharing this photo - Unsplash CreativeCommons - CC0) The introduction to an article by Deloitte University Press in April 15, 2015 reads: "Businesses are moving beyond traditional industry silos and coalescing into...

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The Social Fabric of Humanity

A little while ago I came to the understanding that the way humanity evolves is when a minority of people (not necessarily connected with each other) have a realisation – usually this happens almost overnight – which changes their reality by creating a new view of the world. Every leap in the history of us was ignited by a realisation that turned a paradigm upside down…

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Events we are Organising

Events we are Attending

Adelaide Agile Community 3 Feb 2017

Adelaide – Agile Community

Adelaide, AU
522 Agilists

It’s been far too long since Adelaide had an Agile meetup. The purpose of this meetup includes:- Highlight what’s new and what’s changing in Agile (Scrum/ XP/ Kanban/ etc)- …

Next Meetup

SAPN’s Agile Transformation with Lesley Marchioro

Thursday, Feb 2, 2017, 5:30 PM
50 Attending

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We are committed to improving the world by improving the way people work together…

This is our social mantra: “creating communities around a social contract that we all must actively work towards a more compassionate, generous, less ego-centric world”.

There is something you should understand about the way we work: we do not work to make money. We work to better the world by helping people be more compassionate, socially bound, committed. We are not your typical consulting company that will stick to you for years …”