Co-responsible for the evolution of Humanity


We are a socially responsible organisation. Our work is not driven by financial success and rather by our need to improve the world. We are starting our journey as a company and as a social system. We will kick start 2017 with a series of idea sharing sessions where we hope we create the space for like minded people to get together and put their dreams to work.

Watch this space!

The most challenging human endeavour: creating community around a common cause

This is our social mantra: creating a community around a common cause. We are currently exploring how we can be of help within our community. Learning how to become a team, and how to be driven by our purpose.

In looking for answers we started the Adelaide based Organisational Transformation meetup group where we hope to find like purposed individuals and organisations that are willing to leave a minimal environmental impact, and a large and positive social impact creating better workplaces and better opportunities for society in general. We would be honoured if you joined us!

Organisational Transformation – Improving work cultures