Fundamentals of Agile & Systems Thinking

This is an interactive learning workshop that goes deep into the history, values, principles, mindset and techniques that enhance collaboration, delivery, reflection and improvement. Learn about Agile, Lean and a Systemic worldview as a strategic approach to business where whole organisations learn and experiment with better ways of working.

You will learn Agile and the organisation as a complex adaptive system from actively engaging, exploring, talking, discussing, questioning, reflecting and sharing your experiences. We will hopefully ignite your own  journey towards evolution. So if we do it right, you should leave us with more questions than answers …

Why take this course

Because you will learn the most fundamental aspect of Agile: the mindset of the networked organisation!

The world is becoming increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile. What worked yesterday cannot be the solution to today’s problems because the context has changed. The reason for this is that the world is a complex adaptive system, in a continuous process of growing complexity. This is the model of life: living organisms thrive through adapting and evolving so that they are prepared to new environmental conditions.
As living organisms humans are complex systems themselves. When they get together in organisations they become an organism of higher complexity: “a system of people with a purpose”. We are and form part of a system of systems and understanding this will give you a radically different perspective into collaboration, teamwork and innovation.

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