Upcoming session 16th March 2017 – Register here


What’s in it for you

This is a short experiential session – a taster of our one day “A Path to the Conscious Leader” experiential workshop – where we focus in what it means to transform your way of leadership from the control system imposed by the hierarchical organisation, to becoming a leader as “enabler” in a system that self-regulates.

Each session is unique because the groups are formed by unique individuals, the relationships and interests that result nurture the flow of the activities.

Outcomes of the session

We provide an introduction to the concepts of Conscious Leadership: why you stop managing people and start managing the system composed by autonomous teams and their interactions. The traits of the leader that is an enabler, someone that serves the work community, a carrier of the flag of purpose, a multidimensional thinker.
Practice, experiment and discuss the ideas of Systems Thinking, Agile, Complexity and Consciousness and how organisations evolve, what it means to be a leader in this new model of the world.

Some of the concepts and techniques that we will use in the session you will be able to directly apply in your workplace and create awareness with executives, senior management, and team members.

Who should attend

Anyone willing to have a brief introduction to the notions, models and principles of concious leadership. This is a compilation of models that have been emerging in the world for the last 50 years, including, but not limited to Agile. If you are a manager, executive or team member in a hierarchical organisation and want to understand what it means to lead in a company as a “complex living system”, then come to this session to get a brief immersion to these concepts. You might find yourself wanting to know more, in which case, we have a full one day session that will keep you fascinated with what is possible.


Upcoming session 16th March 2017 – Register here