In this introductory session we discuss and experiment some of the models, concepts and values of Systems Thinking, Agile, Complexity Theory, Teal and Consciousness that are triggering an evolution in the way humans organise around work.

What is in it for you

We provide an introduction to the concepts of Conscious Organisations. You can take a different perspective on Agile and a much deeper understanding than the mere processes or theories. We work with the human relationships and the behaviours that are the key for a successful Agile adoption. Some of the concepts and techniques that we will use in the session you will be able to directly apply in your workplace and create awareness with executives, senior management, and team members.


  • Understanding the Agile mindset. What is the expectation in terms of behaviours and culture.
  • Paths to self awareness. Why we need to spark and grow self-awareness. Observing our own behaviours and the filters and triggers that influence our understanding and acceptance of others, hence our relationships.
  • Sharing, Collaboration and “Team Community”. Scientific approach into collaboration and shared knowledge – how to become a good citizen of your team-community, and how to invite the right behaviours in the people around you so that they start a journey towards a better community culture.
  • Human motivation. What is the thing with motivation? Can we change from “going to work for the pay-check to loving our job?”

Each session is unique because the groups are formed by unique individuals, the relationships and interests that result nurture the flow of the activities and so no two sessions are the same.

Who will get the most out of it

Anyone who is seeking some untangling around the notions, models and principles of Agile, Systems Thinking and our Conscious Organisations and Teams model.
This is a compilation of models that have been emerging in the world for the last 50 years, including, but not limited to Agile. If you are a manager, executive or team member in a hierarchical organisation and want to understand what it means to be a member of a company-community with characteristics of a “complex living system”, then come to this session to be briefly immersed in these concepts. We want every organisation in Adelaide to have an opportunity to understand what it really means to adopt Agile.